Need more privacy? Use window coverings!

Need more privacy? Use window coverings!

Window treatments are a stylish way to increase privacy in your home, especially if you live in a crowded neighborhood. Fortunately, you never have to relinquish your décor matching requirements to get the concealment you want and need.

These products add functionality and style, all in the same piece, offering plenty of other versatile features. Here’s what you should consider for your window treatment options.

Window blinds offer classic features

The most classic choice provides privacy and light control, with adjustable slats that tilt to achieve your desired results. If you want complete light blockage and privacy, close your window blinds fully. But if you prefer open access to light and a line of sight, leave them completely open.

These pieces offer a wide variety of materials, textures, and colors to complement any décor scheme you currently have in place, from cozy to classic to modern and beyond. Consider solid wood for a rustic, natural look or aluminum pieces that bring a contemporary feel to any room.

Blinds offer excellent protection from UV rays by completely blocking incoming natural light. This feature protects your floors, furniture, and wall hangings from fading and damage.

Increased sophistication with Roman shades

Roman shades add elegance and sophistication to any room, with soft fabrics and impressive designs like balloon style, flat-fold, or cascading options. These features make it easy to customize the look and functionality that will best serve your household.

Completely lowering these shades offers complete privacy but continues to allow a degree of light into the room. These features make it easier to control energy efficiency, especially when paired with curtains or drapes, for a layered experience.

Shades are straightforward, with optional mechanisms, such as motorized or cordless products, available for your consideration. Roman shades are also easy to clean, using a duster or specially designed cleaning tool to keep the room fresh, tidy, and well put together.

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