Three tips for maintaining your countertops

Three tips for maintaining your countertops

Choosing the perfect countertops is easier when you consider your specific requirements and preferences for the space. For example, if your home is extra busy, you may need more durability, while less activity means you can focus on other attributes.

Maintenance is always a priority, no matter what you choose for a counter surface. Here are four tips on maintaining your new countertops and why it's crucial.

1.      Choose a material that caters to your household need. Some materials are much more durable than others, so a more durable surface is essential if you have a busy household. Quartz countertops offer excellent durability, including scratch, stain, and heat resistance, without sealing or resealing. Quartz also offers stunning visuals that mimic any other natural stone for a fantastic décor match.

2.      Use only recommended cleaners and tools. Your countertop's manufacturer will recommend specific cleaners and tools to avoid damage to your surface, and it's essential to use those when you clean. Avoid abrasive products, using a damp cloth only, if possible, to clear away daily debris.

3.      Consider professional services if necessary. For example, if you're typically dealing with a mess you can't handle, your kitchen countertops may benefit from professional services. We'll assess your situation and tell you what your next steps should be to help create the best results.

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