A great home remodel covers many options, including floors, walls, and window treatments, to name only a few. However, finding the perfect products can seem overwhelming, so here are three window covering trends that could meet your needs and keep your home current through the years.

Trends make a big difference

When you choose a trend, you'll see your window treatments stay in style for years without replacing them to match your décor. Instead, you can enjoy your selected products for as long as they last, and here are three options for your upcoming experience.

  1. Shades are in. If you’re looking for clean, straightforward, decorative, and valuable, Roman shades are a fantastic addition to your home. The classic, clean lines and various visual options make this product line a massive hit with any décor scheme or interior design. 
  2. Curtains and drapes. One of the best features of curtains and drapes is that you can layer them. They also offer beautiful fabrics, visuals, and durability that pair well with most other window treatments for outstanding results. 
  3. Shutters and blinds. These products come in various materials, sizes, and visuals to cater to any household. Regarding popularity and ease of access, window blinds are a clear winner.

We have the window treatments you want and need

At CS Floors, we put more than 60 years of experience to work for your remodel, offering high-quality products, stunning artistry, and service that caters to your specific requirements and preferences. As you browse our extensive inventory, you'll find all the most trusted name brands to meet all your needs.

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