Window treatments can change many things about any room where they're installed, from visual appeal to functionality. If you're new to this aspect of remodeling, you may need to learn more about what's available, making the process feel daunting.

The good news is there’s plenty of information to help you find the perfect materials and services. Here are four common questions and their answers to help get you started.

1.      Will window coverings “blackout” my room? Some products offer this feature, but some window treatments guard against it. Roman shades are a perfect choice if you want privacy that allows light into the room.

2.      Are they easy to clean? If easy cleaning and maintenance are your requirements, we can help you find the perfect options. For example, many window coverings cater to this need with materials like plastic and composites, so they wipe clean.

3.      Can I find options for my French doors? Finding the perfect product to fulfill your needs with French doors can be challenging. We recommend learning more about window blinds and all the options that come with them.

4.      How long do they last? Depending on the materials and options you choose, these products can last from five to ten years. Spending a little more upfront will save over time because quality lasts longer.

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